About us

Believed to be a sacred food of the ancient Egyptians, edible gold has a thousand years of rich history steeped in luxury and tradition, which Lesor has decided to make even more special.
It is pure 24-carat gold, whose production follows responsible practices towards ethical values, human rights and environmental care.

Undergoing these rigid production controls guarantees the edibility of Lesor gold and thanks to its excellent quality it can be used by enologists, chefs, bartenders and master pastry chefs in order to achieve aesthetically exciting and unique results. It can also be used at home to stun one's guests with a distinct dish and a refined flavour.

Lesor is a project of Italpreziosi, a market leading company founded in 1984 that focuses on the refinement and trading of precious metals. The company has been committed for years to guaranteeing the highest ethical practices production of precious metals and is an Associate Member of the LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) and RJC member (Responsible Jewellery Council), the association of over 400 companies, among which are the most important in the world representing the entire gold-producing industry.